Dima Mobili Nada Black Bedroom Set with 4 Door Wardrobe


  • Product Name: Dima Mobili Nada Black Bedroom Set with 4 Door Wardrobe.
  • Manufacturer: Dima Mobili.
  • Color: Black.
  • Dimensions: This Product is Available in 1 Dimension.
  • Mirror: W 102cm x D 35cm x H 136.5cm.
  • Night Tables: 2 Tables | W 47cm x D 36cm x H 49cm.
  • 3 Drawer Dresser: W 110cm x D 42cm x H 70cm.
  • Wardrobe: W 185cm x D 52cm x H 228cm. (4 Doors)
  • King Size Bed Frame: H=117cm L= 214cm W=170cm.

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Dima Mobili Nada Black Bedroom Set with 4 Door Wardrobe
Nada White Bedroom Set gives a rich and bold look, perfect for modern design tastes. The attractive design with the rich black high gloss finish and antique handle makes it a superb piece of furniture to look at that will add a rustic aura to your bedroom space. Included 150cm Bed, 4 Door Wardrobe, Dresser, 2 Night Table, and Mirror will give your home a fresh new look.
-Manufactured by Dima Mobili
-Including 150cm Bed, 4 Door Wardrobe, 1 Dresser, 2 Night Table, Mirror
-Metal Handle
-Choice of 150cm or 180cm Bed Frame
150cm Bed Frame: W 168cm x D 206cm x H 111cm
4 Door Wardrobe: W 166cm x D 57cm x H 210cm
Night Table: W 57cm x D 43cm x H 55cm
Dresser: W 124cm x D 45cm x H 77cm
Mirror: W 66cm x D 2.5cm x H 86cm

The Bella Rovrea Monte Italian Bedroom Set is a stunning and luxurious addition to any bedroom. Crafted in Italy with the finest materials and attention to detail, this set features a sleek and modern design that is sure to impress.

The set includes a queen-sized bed with a headboard, footboard, and side rails, two nightstands, a dresser, and a mirror. Each piece is made from high-quality wood and finished with a beautiful walnut veneer that adds warmth and elegance to the overall look.

The bed features a low-profile design with a tall, upholstered headboard that provides comfortable support for reading or watching TV. The nightstands and dresser feature ample storage space, with multiple drawers and compartments to keep your clothes and other belongings organized.

The mirror is the perfect finishing touch, reflecting light and adding depth to the room. With its sleek lines and luxurious finishes, the Bella Rovrea Monte Italian Bedroom Set is a true masterpiece that will elevate any bedroom to new heights of style and sophistication

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Complete Bedroom Set With 4 Door Wardrobe, Complete Bedroom Set With 6 Door Wardrobe


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