Nav Corner Sofa



– Puma Automate
– Flexible Payment
– Sleeping Function
– Corrugated Spring
– Interior: Padded Foam
– Sofa Set With High-Quality Triniti Chenille Cover

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HOMESTORE UK knows that you need smart furniture that fits your needs and makes the most of the space you have. Also, our Nav Corner Sofa are stylish, comfortable, and useful all at the same time. They can quickly turn your living room into an attractive room.

Variety of Options:

Imagine a soft couch that is easy to fold and use as a bed. With this chance, it would be great to have people stay the night or have movie nights. We offer a selection of sofa beds, from a recent, stylish 3-seater sofa to a huge, large corner sofa. You may find a couch bed that matches your living room.

Comfort Without Compromise:

The way your living room looks and feels will stay the same if you have hard beds and soft pillows. We made our couch beds to look good and be comfortable. These are made of good materials and have new parts that make them simple to move to different places.

Saving Room Space:

If your flat doesn’t have a lot of space or you want to use your living room more, a sofa bed is great. You can make it a nice place to sleep without changing how your main living area looks or how it works. This way, you won’t need a separate guest room.

Nav Corner Sofa:

That’s why the Nav Corner Sofa is a great choice for families or people with many guests over. It has a lot of space for sitting and a double bed that can be pulled out. Because it has clean lines and soft pillows, it can be used in any sitting room. Find the perfect fit for your family, friends, or just you and your furry companion with a variety of sizes, configurations, and seating options at HOMESTORE UK. A queen-size pull-out bed makes this high-class corner design a great place to sit or sleep.

Welcome to Shop:

We have low prices, great customer service, and a store that is simple to use at HOMESTORE UK. To find the right Living Room Furniture for your living room, you can look through our carefully chosen sofa bed collection in person or online.


Depth: 235 cm | Height: 80 cm | Length: 235 cm
Width: 140 cm |Length: 210 cm

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Blue, Brown & biege, Cream, Black & Gray


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