Disclaimer & Product Care

Products under Woodwork are designed to highlight the natural beauty of wood and will often show interesting features such as knots and grain shading. These natural features will often vary from product to product and within components on the same piece so that no two pieces are the same. It is important to understand the unique properties of wood; which should not be mistaken for flaws. Each piece will have a slightly different grain pattern. Variations in colour shading and grain between different products and within the same product can occur. On distressed ranges, some small splits will add to the character of the piece. This item is assembled from solid wood and painted by hand, there will be small imperfections like small scars, tiny pits, minor joint gaps, and slight marks in every item. It’s difficult to make smooth sanding and paint in the corners and around the bottom parts of handmade furniture. Please don’t consider them as defects because this is the nature of hand-made wooden furniture. These are normal features of all-natural wood furniture.

Mirror product has intentional gaps between the cut corners, this is to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of the wooden body that occurs during fluctuating temperatures.
Mirror panels are manually blazed, and there will be a 1.5mm gap between the wooden structure and the mirror panels.
Avoid exposing your furniture to excessive heat e.g. by placing it in front of a radiator, as this can cause cracking. Glass or mirrored panels should be cleaned using a non-solvent-based glass cleaner and a soft cloth, carefully avoiding contact with wooden or painted sections.

Products have a brushed finish so there will be slightly dark black lines on the finishing. Products have a unique design with mirrors. Mirror pieces are from different angles. Cutting of the mirror has been done with laser cutters but it’s very difficult to get 100% perfection while cutting the mirror or glass from different angles. On some corners and edges, there might be some gap between the mirror and the wood, also there might be a slight imperfection in placing of mirror on the wood. There will be some grains, marks, and very minor bends/dots in the finish of the wood which are not controllable so these all should not be considered defects.


including PVC do not guarantee their material for colour fastness, fading, wearing quality, or durability and some fabrics will change with age and exposure to sunlight or adverse reaction to environmental conditions. In addition, variations in the sheen and texture (wrinkling and natural marks) of leather may occur due to different dying and tanning processes and natural phenomena.

has intended a longer tube and added larger screw holes to furniture doors and drawers to ensure there is no contact with the door/drawers. This prevents breakage due to the over-tightening of the handles. Do not over-tighten the drawer screw, it could cause damage to the glass or surface of the item. The handle may be a little movable. This shouldn’t be considered a defect.

As a result, these naturally occurring characteristics are not viewed as damages or defects, so these items are not faulty and credit requests will not be accepted. Please note that images of products displayed on the website may differ in colour due to differences in resolution, colour settings and brightness of computer monitors.

Product Care


Always Vacuum with care or wipe with a dry non-abrasive cloth to remove dust and grime. Clean only with a water-free dry-cleaning solution. If applicable, the fabric may require brushing with a non-metallic, soft bristle brush to restore appearance. For spills or any wet substance immediately clean using dry same colored fabric.


Wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use cleaning products containing abrasives as these will damage the glass. Take care in placing objects on Glass or Mirrored Glass as it may scratch the surface. Extreme temperatures may cause the glass to break. Do not place very hot or very cold items on the glass surface unless adequately thick mats are used to prevent such items from coming into contact with the glass. Do not stand or sit on the glass surface. Do not use glass as a chopping surface. Do not strike the glass with hard or pointed items. Any replacement glass must meet British/European standards. Further, items placed on the Glass should be the correct weight for the Glass thickness and distance spanned. Do not drag and/or push or pull any glass product. Be careful not to allow the edges of the mirror to get or remain wet over a period of time. Prolonged exposure to moisture, corrosive chemicals, solvents, solvent vapors, and cleaning fluids will cause edge deterioration and silver spoilage.


Keep the metal products dry to prevent tarnishing which can dull or destroy the surface. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can scratch and dull metal surfaces. Rub the metal with straight back-and-forth motions, rather than in circles, to help maintain a uniform appearance. Apply metal cleaner with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth and prevent undiluted liquid dish-washing detergents from coming into direct contact with metal as it can damage the finish.

*For Apex Gold Range – do not clean with any liquid cleaning materials. Use dry, non-abrasive, and clean cloth.


Ceramics is made from natural mineral materials and has a durable surface. It has a high level of scratch and heat resistance, is impermeable to water, and is also impervious to liquids and practically all household chemicals. Ceramic surfaces can be cleaned simply and efficiently with standard commercial cleaning agents. Metallic sponges and abrasive cleaners are not suitable, as they can cause differences in the product’s luster after cleaning.


Stone products such as marble and granite (including composite marble/stone/high gloss finishes) are very delicate and must be cleaned with neutral, gentle cleaning solutions. Always try any cleaning solution on a small part of the surface to check compatibility. It is recommended to clean stone products with a wet clean cloth with lukewarm water to wipe the surface area and remove any marks. If liquid spills do occur, wipe it dry as soon as possible by blotting dry with a clean cloth.


Keep away from direct or strong light. External factors may cause colors to fade or alter. Gently clean with a soft clean cloth. The use of water is not recommended in cleaning products.


Beads and gems are added by hand. There may be loose gems/beads in the packaging. Rough handling may cause the beads/gems to fall off. Take extra care in cleaning products. Water, abrasive cloth, and a vacuum are not recommended.


Most of our lighting is wired for use in the UK and EU, thus type of plug used is determined by the first 2 digits of the product code (UK-BTXXX-XX-XXX-XXXX). Do not exceed the specified wattage. Regularly wipe clean with a soft cloth and dust the shades and bases with a soft dry cloth. Do not use polishes, abrasives, or chemical cleaners.


Do not place very hot or cold items against or near the product surface unless adequately thick insulation (coaster) material is used to prevent such items from coming into contact with the wood, as most of our wood products are using water-based paints. Wood is a natural material that responds to changes in temperature and humidity and may expand and contract due to varying temperature conditions. Do not use harsh chemicals and detergents as they may damage the surface and finish. Always lift furniture to move it, do not drag it. Avoid placing your furniture next to heating or air conditioning vents, radiators, or direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

*For Hampton Beach, Bayview, and Chevron Range – do not clean with any liquids. Use a dry non-abrasive clean cloth.


Plastics are synthetic materials that can easily scratch and mark. Do not strike the glass with hard or pointed items. Take extra care in using sharp and very hot objects near the product. May cause brittleness when subjected to extreme temperatures. Always follow the product manual for any cleaning material and do not use harsh chemicals. To clean the product, use a mild detergent in lukewarm water with a clean soft cloth to wipe the surface down. Always rinse the detergent off the surface with a new clean cloth. Once the surface has been appropriately cleaned, dry the surface by blotting it with a clean soft cloth.





This product care will guide you on the best way to care for your product to maximize its guaranteed life. Protect from direct sunlight. The location of your product can affect its durability, thus placing it too close to high-temperature appliances can increase the risk of scorching damage or discoloration, and placing the item where it can touch external walls can create moisture build-up. Sharp objects and even the claws of your pets can tear, scratch, or break the product.

* Periodically wipe clean with a soft dry cloth and/or non-abrasive cleaner.

* Do not rub or scrub the surface when cleaning.

* Take precautions in using vacuums and use low suction as much as possible to maintain product integrity.

* Do not strike the material with hard or pointed items.

* Do not use abrasive and harsh cleaning products.

* Do not sit or stand on products otherwise indicated.

* If liquid spills do occur, wipe or blot with a dry clean cloth as soon as possible.

* Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight.

* Care must be taken in using colored cleaning materials as they may transfer or stain products.

* Always follow the cleaning product guide/manual on any cleaning product used.

* Dragging, pulling, and dropping any product is not recommended.

* Do not place items with extreme temperature on the product as it may cause brittleness.

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