Aurora Beige Birch-Gold Complete Living Set Living Room Furniture



– Material: Wood/Glass
– Deluxe Quality Material
– Colour: White Birch Gold
– Flexible Payment Available
– Complete Living Room Set

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Aurora Beige Birch Gold Complete Living Set Living Room Furniture

Our carefully chosen collection of Italian living room sets at HOMESTORE UK will add a stunning touch of luxury to your living space, like the Aurora Beige Birch Gold Complete Living Set Living Room Furniture, which is both classic and classy. Each Living Room Furniture UK is carefully made with the best materials and Italian design knowledge, and they are the right combination of style and comfort.


Complete Living Room Sets
Effortless Style

Look at our carefully selected collection of living room sets, which feature everything you need to warm and invite your area with the furniture and accessories. There is a vast range of styles available, allowing you to adjust to any taste effortlessly. Whether you prefer classic elegance or contemporary flair, our diverse selection ensures there’s something for everyone. The Aurora Beige Birch-Gold Complete Living Set Living Room Furniture is entirely modern in style.


Highest Quality 

Our italian living room sets are made with great care and attention to every detail. We use good products to make sure the sets are strong and will last.


Make Your Space Better With Individual Pieces
Mix And Match 

Do you need help finding a complete set that fits your needs exactly? Not a problem! You can make your own unique italian living room by looking at our separate pieces, such as sofas, seats, coffee tables, and TV stands.


Find The Perfect Match

We have a range of distinct kinds of furniture for sitting rooms of all sizes. In our extensive collection of sizes, which includes anything from a large living room table and chairs, you can find the proper products to suit the style you already have.


Customer Service And Support

At HOMESTORE UK, we are committed to providing our customers with service of the highest possible professional standard. If you’re seeking assistance in selecting the ideal piece of furniture or placing an order, our helpful and welcoming staff is more than happy to be of service. Whether you’re looking for expert advice or personalised recommendations, feel free to reach out – we’re here to assist you every step of the way.


Check out our vast selection of italian living room furniture UK right now to find the perfect pieces to make your home look better. We have everything you need to make your living room look how you like, from an entire living room set to a beautiful coffee table and a cosy sofa.



TV Unite: cm 95 x 50, H 75
Low sideboard: 172 x 54 x 64
Lamp Table: cm 50 x 50, H 55
Coffee Table: cm 128 x 64, H 45

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TV Stands, Coffee Table, Lamp Table, 4 Door Sideboards, 2 Door Sideboards, Display Cabinet


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