Dreamsir 3FT Single Mattress, Memory Foam Support, 10.6 Inch Two-layer Pocket Spring Mattress in a Box, Skin-friendly Soft Knitted Fabric


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?Memory Foam Support?The foam padding of this mattress is double-layered, so it can provide a smart wrapping experience. The top layer of slow-rebound memory foam provides a good balance of pressure distribution between the body and the mattress contact points so as to help the sleeper achieve maximum comfort. The next layer of high-density foam meets the breathability your skin needs and ensures that you stay asleep longer on this mattress.
?Pressure Relief Structure?This mattress uses a two-layer pocket spring structure to better distribute the pressure on the mattress. The upper lower individual springs are not only highly breathable but also highly resilient to protect your body in contact with the mattress from the very first layer. The second layer’s higher individual pocket springs work independently of each other to not only reduce the impact of your partner’s movement over hills but also support your body evenly and keep your spine aligned throughout the night.
?Breathable Printed Fabric?Full mattress cover is made of a cool knitted fabric with flower stripes, which can not only absorb sweat but also has a soft and comfortable surface. In order to facilitate you to lift the mattress to the bed or turn it over, we also designed a handle on the mattress cover to bring more convenience to your use in daily life.
?Mattress in a Box?: In order to facilitate you to receive the mattress as soon as possible, it is vacuum sealed and neatly rolled in a box. Usually swells within 24 hours, in some cases it can take days. Therefore, it is best to leave the mattress for 72 hours after unfolding it. If you find problems with mattress recovery, please be free to contact us.
?After Service?We provide every family with comfortable and supportive mattresses at the best price ratio. Guarantee Our mattress come with 10-year warranty. Mattress ships compressed, please wait patiently for 42-72 hours to ensure that it fully expands to its original height.



Size Name: 3FT Single (90 ? 190 ? 27cm)
Size 3FT Single (90 ? 190 ? 27cm)
Item firmness description Plush
Brand Dreams
Product dimensions 190L x 90W x 27Th centimetres
Colour White
Construction-type Foam, Innerspring
Item weight 24 Kilograms

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Double, King Size, Single, super king


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