Willow Coffee Table 1 Drawer 1 Shelf



– Wooden Table Top
– 1 Drawer & 1 Shelf
– Contemporary Design
– Trapezoidal Shape Legs
– Available In 2 Different Colours

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Willow Coffee Table 1 Drawer 1 Shelf

One common feature of living rooms is the coffee table, as seen in our Willow Coffee Table 1 Drawer 1 Shelf. It’s your outfit’s focus and reflects your individuality. We have a vast collection of this furniture at HOMESTORE UK, so you can find one that fits your needs and makes your living space look better.


Material And Elegance:

Check out our collection of coffee tables made from various materials, each with its look and purpose. Choose a marble coffee table like the Marble Coffee Table with Gold Legs for a touch of class and beauty that will never go out of style.


Modern Touch:

For a thoroughly modern look, choose a glass coffee table like the Value Cohen Gold Coffee Table, which shows the beauty of contemporary design. Due to its basic warmth and texture, a glass coffee table adds relaxation and welcomeness to any area.


Size And Form: 

Look at your living room’s dimensions and layout before buying the right piece. To make it the focus of the room and provide enough surface space, go for a large coffee table in a larger room. Look at our small coffee table collection, which looks great in your space.


Round Or Square:

Round coffee tables will soften the edges of your living room, while square coffee tables will give it a more organised look.


Features And Usability Are Important: 

Choose a coffee table with storage spaces like drawers or shelves for better utilisation of your living area. The Ella Coffee Table With 1 Drawer is a splendid example because it has a specific place for putting away everyday items or showing off artistic items.

Check out our collection of coffee tables with extras like lift-top mechanisms or stacking tables that let you change them to fit your changing needs and tastes. The ideal piece should not only match your current decor, but it should also show who you are and how you live.


Buy Now:

We at HOMESTORE UK think everyone should have a beautiful and valuable place to live. Check out our vast selection of coffee tables, which includes traditional black coffee tables and more modern marble coffee tables and find the right one to make your home look better.



Size in mm: W 987 x H 433 x D 602mm


Box 1:

Weight (kg): 20.3
Dimensions (CM): 106.6 x 64.2 x 8.2

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White and Oak, White and Black Matt


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